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On every project we focus on Green Design Principles, incorporating smart-growth techniques and sustainable design where feasible. Utilizing low water-use plants, permeable paving, and designing hardscapes & landscapes over parking decks we are doing our part to reduce our clients energy use and costs.

A Green Design can be as simple as reducing the water required to irrigate a project. This can come from multiple items, such as rain-water collection cisterns, gray-water reclaim systems or even something as simple as using drip irrigation instead of broadcast heads. Each choice we make on a project can either cost our client money, or it can increase their savings while also helping the environment.

Plant Selection is a large contributor to how environmentally friendly a project can be. By incorporating low-water-use plants, we reduce the amount of water required to establish and maintain plants. By selecting low-maintenance varieties, we not only reduce the amount of time a crew requires to keep a project looking nice, but we also reduce the amount of fuel required to operate maintenance equipment. This is in addition to the fuel required for the crews to drive to and from a project, something most project owners don't consider. This one step can significantly reduce a maintenance budget.

Hardscape selection is another place to encourage Green Design. By incorporating porous hardscape materials, a project can qualify for various incentives and credits while also reducing the amount of storm water mitigation required. This can reduce the size of detention facilities while at the same time increasing the buildable area of a project, not to mention the overall cost savings associated with reduced storm facilities. By utilizing recycled materials, a developer can help reduce the waste put into land-fills, and also qualify for various tax credits.

Green Design
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Green Design
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