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Bilson & Associates Designs Wellstar Hospice Facility
Wellstar-Kennestone Hospice Aerial

Located in Marietta, Georgia at the base of Kennesaw Mountain, Wellstar-Kennestone is developing their latest addition, a Hospice Facility. Designed to offer comfort and a relaxing environment to the terminally ill, this facility will house and provide care for those unable to care for themselves. Designing a project like this requires not only an understanding of design, but care and compassion for those that will be experiencing the spaces. Consideration must be given to the selection of hardscape materials, such as how they would feel from a wheelchair or hospital bed. Consideration also must be given to landscape material selection, such as blossom fragrances as what might be pleasant to the average visitor, could be unpleasant to a resident.
Bilson & Associates Designs Wellstar Hospice Facility
Wellstar-Kennestone Hospice Construction Plans

Bilson & Associates was selected by Wellstar to provide Hardscape and Landscape Design for this new facility. We have many years of experience designing Healing Garden for various medical facilities. We put that experience to use by providing designs that are based from the resident's viewpoint, considering what they need and will look at day after day. We selected hardscape materials that were not only pleasing to the eye, but also provided continuity for establishment of place (for those that may become confused while walking the grounds). For the landscape we selected a plant palette that would provide for blooms on many different plants throughout the year including winter, while keeping fragrances to a minimum. This addition of year-round flowering plants can bring joy to residents during their most trying times. Shrubs and trees with various heights, colors and textures also gives each person something unique to look at, both out their windows and when they are relaxing on the rear patio and plaza.

In addition to designing the Hospice as a healing-garden, we also incorporated Green Design Principles in both the Hardscape and the Landscape. By utilizing porous paving in much of the hardscape, the runoff during storms is greatly reduced and the size of the detention pond is further reduced. Also, over 95% of the plant material selected is either native, or low-maintenance, contributing to our environmentally sensitive approach to each project. Keeping our client's maintenance requirements in mind also helps us achieve a project that not only looks good, but also stays budget-oriented.

Another unique feature of this project is the Wellstar Foundation garden-naming areas. These individual gardens within the landscape were designed around various themes, with plantings to match. Some of the gardens incorporated were the Rose Garden, Butterfly Garden and Garden of Hope. These various gardens were then presented to Foundation donors where they could purchase and receive recognition for their contributions. Bilson & Associates provides an initial design for each area, but can also modify the design to fit specific requirements for each donor as needed.

This project is currently under construction, and we will update this page with pictures once completed.

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