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Bilson & Associates Designs Orange Shoals Sustainable Community
Orange Shoals Aerial Image

Located approximately 25 miles North of Downtown Atlanta, Orange Shoals is an environmentally sensitive, sustainable Green Design residential community in Cherokee County. While many large-scale Atlanta neighborhoods are built around a Golf Course, Club House or Country Club, this development bucks the mainstream and went down a different path. This project was designed with the main objectives being to preserve wildlife, specific topographical features and delicate watersheds. Approximately 400 acres in size, the Land Plan prepared by Bilson & Associates set aside over 100 acres as a shared Greenbelt Preserve for the community.

The Preserve is a place where residents can walk continuously without crossing any streets, and where wildlife can exist near a human settlement while still roaming freely in an uninterrupted forest. The Preserve is also shared by every lot within the development, allowing each resident immediate and unimpeded access out their back door, without having to cross any streets. This not only increases the value of each home, but also increases the safety of the residents by eliminating any chance of pedestrian and vehicular accidents.
Bilson & Associates Designs Orange Shoals Sustainable Community
Orange Shoals Park-Like Entry

Although 100 acres was set aside in the Land Plan, an additional 150 acres has been preserved via the 317 homes contributing a portion of each lot that will remain natural and non-developed. By keeping these areas natural, it increases the preserved portion to around 300 acres (including approximately 50 acres of non-contiguous preserved space), making 75% of the community into a natural preserve. The preserved areas includes several miles of natural trails, 11 existing springs, creeks, bird feeders, bat houses, butterfly gardens and the shoals that the project is named after. There is also a rustic playground nestled in the woods, furthering the rural nature of this development. 14 years after initially designed, Orange Shoals is still the best-selling community in Cherokee County and one of Atlanta's top-5-selling communities. A model of ecological stewardship, this community exemplifies conservation of the land, and working with it rather than against it.
Bilson & Associates Designs Orange Shoals Sustainable Community
Orange Shoals Greenbelt Preserve

To protect Orange Shoals permanently, the developer enlisted the Audubon Society and the Georgia Wildlife Federation to make it the first community in the state to become a certified wildlife habitat. This development has also been certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

Written about in many newspapers, magazines and books, including the ULI (Urban Land Institute) book "The New Shape of Suburbia", Orange Shoals is praised as being one the most successful and environmentally friendly projects in Georgia. Bilson & Associates was hired to Design and provide Construction Documents for this project. From broad-scale Land Planning to very detailed Construction Drawings, we helped the developer realize his vision of a truly sustainable, environmentally friendly community that was successful.
Bilson & Associates Designs Orange Shoals Sustainable Community
Orange Shoals Rustic Playground
Bilson & Associates Designs Orange Shoals Sustainable Community
Orange Shoals Secluded Pavilion

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