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Bilson & Associates Land Plans 12,000 Acre Development
Wolf Creek Town Center Village Rendering

Situated on approximately 12,000 acres in West Georgia, Wolf Creek is a new Master Planned City being designed by Bilson & Associates in conjunction with Temple Inland. As one of the largest land-owners in the state, Temple Inland owns many large contiguous tracts of land located in areas prime for development. A part of Carroll County, this project is being planned to create a city within a city with direct access to the Atlanta airport and surrounding business districts.

Designed over several years, the Master Plan takes into account all of the natural resources within and surrounding the property. Great care is given to incorporate Green Design Principles and to work the land, not against it. Roads that follow existing contours and detention ponds set in low-lying areas are just a few of the design guidelines incorporated. Increasing the preserved areas and providing a large Greenbelt with connections to each residential area help give a more rural feel for this project. Offices and commercial uses that are grouped together help reduce trip-times for residents, and also increase the Green Spaces between them. As part of a long-term development, this project utilizes many Smart Growth Principles with the phasing of various sections of the project. Smart Growth advocates compact, transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle-friendly land use by concentrating development in the center of a city. This is accomplished by incorporating mixed-use development with a range of housing choices into areas with businesses, neighborhood schools and adjacent walking or biking paths. By bringing these uses together in 'nodes' the design encourages pedestrian interaction while helping to reduce urban sprawl.
Bilson & Associates Land Plans 12,000 Acre Development
Wolf Creek Business District Rendering

When completed, Wolf Creek will include several mixed use villages, a town center, a regional medical center, a conference center and golf course, a technology park, and many neighborhoods of different housing types, all connected with a Greenbelt throughout the community. Wolf Creek is planned to be a sustainable community with a mix of uses in a "Cradle To Grave" concept with over 19,000 residences over the roughly thirty five years of development until completion. Much of the plan is designed to be developed as conservation subdivisions to protect the natural resources and maintain the rural character of the area. The Master Plan incorporates many of the principles of Quality Growth, often defined as "returning to the way we used to build our communities and neighborhoods: places where people could walk to school or to the corner drug store, pursue recreational activities at a nearby park, or just sit on the front porch and get to know their neighbors."
Bilson & Associates Land Plans 12,000 Acre Development
Wolf Creek Technology Park Rendering

Included in the design are many ponds, small lakes and the name-sake of this project, Wolf Creek. In addition, the design centers around the Seton Reservoir, an adjacent lake that supplies water to nearby Carroll County residents. Great care is being taken to protect and preserve this reservoir, and ensure it is a viable and sustainable source of water for decades to come. Regardless of size, Bilson & Associates can provide Land Planning services at any scale, meeting and exceeding all of your criteria. Whether incorporating local residents and arranging design charette's or meeting with local jurisdictional groups, we can bring your project out of the ground and help it flourish.

Bilson & Associates Land Plans 12,000 Acre Development
Wolf Creek Conference Center Rendering

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